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How do I start purchasing a ticket?

Start by registering. It’s a simple process, done only first time when you visit Buy Me Ticket. On subsequent visits you just need to login. Your profile is editable.

What are the benefits of registering with Buy Me Ticket?

Registering with the Buy Me Ticket provides you with a full-fledged account that retains all your buying and selling activities for your future reference.

What happens if an event is cancelled?

See the refund policy.

What fees are associated with buying tickets through Buy Me Ticket?

In addition to the Seller’s ticket price, service fee per ticket, credit card processing fee etc. will be added and charged.

When and for how much shall my credit card be charged?

It will be charged as and when you click ‘Submit.’ The amount will be displayed at the end of shopping cart for you to approve before you click submit.

Where can I view my ticket purchases?

Sign in to My Account. View the purchased tickets in the Dashboard.

Where do I find the nearby Buy Me Ticket Outlet?

See the Ticket Outlet Network link at the footer on the home page. You may recommend one that’s convenient to you by clicking on the link.

Can I recommend my preferred store to join the Buy Me Ticket Outlet Network?

Yes. On the Home Page, click the Ticket Outlet Network link and follow the instructions. It’s located at the foot of the Home Page. Accredited outlets that sell the physical tickets / e-Tickets on behalf of the Buy Me Ticket form part of this Network.

Why do we request your address, zip code and or phone number?

To keep you posted with updates, changes, and other event alerts if any.

How do I find an event?

Use Search option to search it.